The New Mexico Pledge for Transparency

The lack of transparency in both our government and campaign system prevents elected officials from solving big problems. Ethical scandals continue to plague our state, and we know that corruption grows behind closed doors.

The New Mexico Pledge for Transparency is a commitment to put our state on a path to an accountable, transparent, and responsive state government that works for ALL New Mexicans. This is not about Democrat vs. Republican, this is about making our state government transparent and accountable.


Therefore, I ____________ pledge my support for solutions that increase government accountability through transparency, enforcement of ethical standards, and increased participation in the political process. These solutions will help get our state leaders focused on the issues that impact us all.

Everyone deserves to know

  • Improve disclosure in elections by making campaign and lobbying activities more open to the public, so that the influence of big money in elections and legislative decisions is transparent.
  • Develop disclosure technology that makes reporting about election and lobbying activities easier, more transparent, and more affordable for the state.
  • Make clear definitions of coordination between campaigns and independent efforts.
  • Strengthen and protect New Mexico’s Open Meetings Act and Inspection of Public Records Act to help keep the public informed about the actions of their elected officials and allow more participation in our democracy.
  • Look for effective solutions to our ethics crisis, which will draw back the curtain on public officials’ misconduct.